[34] Now the have the basic base setup, It’s time to make it look fancy!








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  1. "Copper wire isn't a thing we'll ever have again." Why? There are huge copper deposits in the green pools right next door. Silver and gold too. Pretty much everything you need is right near you, which is what makes this nice calm area a perfect place for a base.

  2. you can get alot of the surface ores (Eg. Copper, titanium, quartz) in the lost river cave with the big skeleton next to the crashed alien reasearch base. thats where i lived :>

  3. I like how Tom doesn't play this trying to rush the story. Skimming Duncan's series, it felt like he was prioritizing the story itself. Tom here is almost oblivious to the actual story and instead just likes to swim around, have fun, and enjoy himself.

  4. You should be surrounded by copper nodes. Turn on the scanner for single ores and/or check beneath the blue stuff around the tree. That cave has almost every material right there. Kyanite should be the only thing you have to go deeper for.

  5. This actually isn't something to freak out about cause it's such a small change up in how you're used to building close to the surface but laying down a reinforcement or bulkhead before adding a new room to your base will pretty much ensure you never have to worry about your base going negative while you build.

  6. This playthrough convinced me to try my hand at subnautica again (seeing that it was finished meant I could finally get back my investment) and in my first moments I swam up to a gastropod and died…

  7. Tom stacking hull reinforcement on a prawn isnt very good, it only protects you from environmental dmg (not including monster attacks) and the first gives 50%, the second 25% and the third 12% i believe so really bad value. you're better off upgrading for battery life and recharging from heat and inventory space and obviously depth module

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