Jaspal Bhatti Bech Rahe Hai Fruits | Comedy Show | Full Tension

Full Tension is a comedy show by ace comedian Jaspal Bhatti commenting on daily situations in his unique humorous manner. A must watch show for all Jaspal Bhatti fans featuring other actors like Savita Bhatti, Vivek Shauq, Brijesh Ahuja and B.N. Sharma. This episode of Full Tension is based on Media. See how this show comments on media, its pros and cons, and media persons in a humorous manner.

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  1. Jaspal Bhatti Sab is always favourite actor ! His clean and very creative comedies and excellent team work will be missed for ever!
    Bhatti sab's TV shows were the best entertainment we had in those good old days! Very sorry that Bhatti sab is no more with us.RIP Bhatti sab! Genius like you are born very rarely in this world .

  2. Service aur job ki bajaaye bhikh maangne me jayada profit he.
    Per month job salary 50000 rs.
    Bhikh me cum se cum 1 lacs.
    Koi boss nahi koi tension nahi.
    Good day

  3. Indeed we have lost a great personality before time, actually an irreparable loss. Such a long time has passed but no substitute for great Bhatti saheb.

  4. मनोरंजन के क्षेत्र में जसपाल भट्टी जी के अविस्मरणीय योगदान से वो हमेशा हमारे बीच विद्यमान रहेंगे।

  5. कितना साफ सुथरा मनोरंजन बिना दोअर्थी संवाद के और साथ में व्यवस्था पर कड़ा प्रहार भी।
    भट्टी जी आप महान है।

  6. Jaspal Bhatti ji was a great comedian, intellectual, we always remember him, flop show has settled a mile stone, no vulgarity, no double meaning, the serious problems were raised in a light comic way.

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