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Tiktok hot girls funny video| angel rai and aditi mistry hot tiktok video| viral trend girls

Tiktok hot girls funny video| angel rai and aditi mistry hot tiktok video| viral trend girls

Hot girl summer,” a seasonal riff on Megan’s trademark boast of doing “real hot girl sh-t” year-round, acts as both a motto and a missive to her loyal fanbase (nearly 4 million across Instagram and Twitter), affectionately referred to as the “hotties.” Contrary to what one might assume when hearing “hot girl,” the lifestyle is not focused on aspiring towards conventional beauty or influencer clout. Instead, it’s an embrace of loving who you are and doing what you want, without caring what others think.

In an interview with Megan, who was born Megan Pete and currently balances her booming rap career with online college courses at Texas Southern University, noted that hot girl summer is for “women — and men — having a good-a– time, hyping up your friends, doing you and not giving a damn what anybody has to say about it.” Later, the 24-year-old rapper, whose braggadocious, self-actualized rap persona follows in and Trina, took to her Twitter to offer a clear definition of what being a hot girl is really about.

In many ways, this moment was primed for the embrace of a hot girl summer. The social-media friendly catchphrase (the hashtag #hotgirlsummer has been used over 170k times on Instagram, while the hot girl summer has been used on Twitter a whopping 2 million times over the past month) distills an affinity, exhibited by many women in 2019,  Hot girl summer, a hip-hop feminist manifesto, taps into these movements from many angles, championing confidence, sensuality and fun.

The “hotties,” for their part, have taken the call to have a hot girl summer seriously, with the hashtag being used 155,000 times on Instagram already this summer. “Heard it was a hot girl summer,” one alongside a photo set of herself posing confidently, while another, a YouTube blogger named Angwi Tacho, posted a photo of herself emerging from a pool with the caption: “Hot girl summer still in effect.”

Tacho explained why she embraced hot girl summer to TIME thusly: “It’s a positive movement! Having a Hot Girl Summer is all about being the best version of yourself and doing what you want to do. It’s all about having fun.”

As might be expected, the rise of hot girl summer has also lent itself to humor. The phrase has been injected with self-deprecating irony and wielded for jokes about the summer’s intense heat waves, making it excellent meme fodder.

And as with most things on the Internet, it’s attracted its fair share of controversy. Although Megan clearly stated that hot girl summer is gender neutral, some trolls on the Internet were determined to make hot girl summer a battle of the sexes, pitting it against a “hot boy summer” or a “city boy summer,” the latter being a play on the rap group the City Girls (the duo is known for their to love and sex in their music).

Though the rise of hot girl summer has been swift and primarily used for the purpose of showing out while the sun is shining, it’s are just a few of the corporate entities who have appropriated hot girl summer to promote their products. Megan, for her part, confirmed on Twitter that she is in the process of filing a trademark for the phrase that she made viral.

Beyond the viral hashtags and Internet squabbles, however, the spirit of hot girl summer ultimately hearkens back to its creator, Megan Thee Stallion, who shows no sign of slowing down her own hot girl summer: between tour stops and hyping her.

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